Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Gospel in its entirety is a picture of the great love of God and the incredible wrath of God. We sell everything about the obedience and sacrifice of Jesus short when we dismiss or downplay our cup of suffering Christ took upon Himself for us. 

The truth of scripture is that we deserve the full wrath of God. Instead of our hopeless state being our ultimate fate, God sent Jesus to be the Way, the Truth and the Life to which we are fully redeemed and made new when we surrender ourselves to Him. Our rebel hearts that are sinful in nature have traded the truth for a lie, but Christ is the Truth we can cling to for our soul's rescue. 


Romans 1:18-25

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Sunday, March 11, 2018

Even in the face of a new law, Daniel never changed how he prayed or worshipped God. He was prepared to face any consequence that was given rather than compromise on what he believed to be faithfulness to God. Daniel stood firm and knew the God he served was able to rescue him from any circumstance he would find himself in. He chose his hill to die on. 

In our own lives, we are confronted daily with challenges that would be easier dealt with if we lessened our convictons in our journey of pursuing Christ. We have a choice: stand firm or walk in what seems easier in the moment. In life, there are times we must show who we are and what we stand for.

Jesus came to show us who God is and how to follow Him. He lived a perfect life filled with oppostion, which ultimately led to the hill He chose to die on. Christ died to show God wants to rescue us from all of the things surrounding us that pull us away and lead to compromise. He wants us to trust Him so we will stand firm regardless of the circumstances we may find ourselves in. As Kenny reiterated in our message, "He is still a rescuing and saving God."


Daniel 6:1-28

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Wednesday, March 7, 2018- Life

As our series "Life" comes to a close, it can be summed up in our last message. Keith recaps our life and what we are all created for, our purpose, how to fulfill our purpose and, finally, destiny. What is our destiny and how can we live it out here and throughout eternity? Jesus taught our hope is in Him, and in Him life never ends. We read in the whole of scripture Jesus is life and we find our true destiny in walking toward Christ and living out our purpose in Him. Our destiny does not end with our life here; it carries over into eternity where we will be in perfect relation with Jesus forever. 


John 18:34-38

Keith Wilson, Youth Pastor



Sunday, March 4, 2018

King Belshazzar, who followed Nebuchadnezzar, was in a place of power and had no regard for God or the house of God. During the events that led to Daniel being brought in to read the writing on the wall, the king is quickly sobered and reminded he is not in control of all things. Daniel explained to the king he would not remain in power, and because of his disregard for God, his kingdom would be divided. Daniel remained faithful to God and spoke truth to the king. Belshazzar made Daniel third highest in the kingdom and the Babylonian king was killed the same night.

Faithfulness to God changes everything. It causes repentance, melts pride and allows us to see, in humility, our hearts are in need of a rescue. Only Jesus can create a new heart within us. 


Daniel 5:1-31

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Wednesday, February 28, 2018- Life

Once we learn our purpose is to glorify God, the next step is to discover what that actually means. Paul encourages and teaches how we can use our renewed hearts to love the world in the name of Christ. Keeping our focus on Jesus, we are able to put Him in the forefront of our heart and love each other with the fullness He desires from us. 


Colossians 3:1-17

Dawn Hedgepeth



Wednesday, February 21, 2018- Life

As our "Life" series continues, Keith walks us through Romans 12 to show us what our true purpose is according to scripture. We are all here for one intention. God created mankind for His glory. If we are imitators of this world and the results in our lives show the desires of the world coming to fruition in our journey, we are in opposition to God's will for each of us. 

When complete surrender to Christ happens in our heart, God begins to change the way we think. Our desires and our purpose in life shift because we are, in fact, a new creation. Motives, directions and dreams begin to take new shape and we are not led by our own desires any longer. The Holy Spirit leads our very heart with the light of Christ and we see every aspect of life with a new lens. 

A seeking heart will find that true purpose is found in complete surrender to Christ.


Romans 12:1-21

Keith Wilson, Youth Pastor



Sunday, February 18, 2018

The truth of Christ still changes the heart. 

The same Messiah that revealed Himself to the Samaritan woman at the well is the same Jesus that reveals Himself to us today.


John 4:1-54

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Wednesday, February 14, 2018- Life

The one thing we have to know is Jesus is God. This truth is the cornerstone of our faith. There is a difference between having times in life when you are not as close to Jesus and others being able to look at your life and see no fruit or evidence of you being a Christ follower at all. 

Jesus taught the disciples to love each other in the same way He loved them. True sacrifice is rooted in love and Christ personified that love when He offered Himself for the world.


John 15:1-17

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Sunday, February 11, 2018 -Daniel

King Nebuchadnezzar heated the furnace seven times hotter than usual when Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refused to bow down and worship the statue. They only added to the king's rage when they declared even if God did not deliver them from his wrath, they would never serve his gods or worship the golden statue.

Kenny explains, "As you count the cost, you should know the flames do not go away." In our lives, we will have trouble and pain. Heartache will visit us and despair will not pass over when those times come. The difference, though, is we do not walk alone. We are never alone. 

Recognizing our need for God coupled with our surrender to Christ is what our heart longs for. It gives peace in the middle of the chaos that will oftentimes encamp around us. The enemy is real, but our victory in Christ is already won. We do not have to fear our enemy or the darkness that surrounds us during hard times. If we have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside, the Light of the World is our guide. No earthly circumstance can take that away.


Daniel 3:8-30

Kenny Nix, Pastor



Wednesday, February 7, 2018- Life

"What Is Life?" 

As we ask this question and seek truth from scripture, God immediately reveals Himself to us in an intimate way. God knows you and I. He not only knows us, He formed us and laid out each moment of our lives prior to our birth. 

We are faced with seasons of wonder, uncertainty and even doubt about our lives along our journey. It is vital to our walk with Christ to be solid in our faith and know the truth of His word. 

How will you tackle life's great questions? Who or what is your source for peace, truth and perserverance on your search? God loves each of us and has given insight through His word about the great depth of His grace extended to each person He has fearfully made. 


Psalm 139:13-16

Keith Wilson, Youth Pastor


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