Sunday August 6, 2017 -Esther


In part five of our "Esther" series, we learn even though He seems hidden, God is orchestrating the events surrounding a seemingly hopeless situation soon to befall the Jewish people. Esther knows to approach the king could mean her life, but she was willing to risk everything to save her people. Just as the king extended his scepter and allowed her to enter and make her request, God extends His scepter of grace to us. We can approach the King of Kings with our requests and our burdens because He loves us with a relentless love that has no limits. God is in the middle of the unfolding story of Esther and He is in the middle of each of our stories as they unfold each day. We can trust God with our lives and know that He is faithful to lead us in every situation, even if He seems hidden. 


Esther 5:1-8

Kenny Nix, Pastor