Sunday July 16, 2017 -Esther


In part two of our series, "Esther", we can see clearly the hand of God working in the lives of those in this passage. Oftentimes in life, we have the idea that God can or will only be able to use situations for His glory if we are obedient or without sin. Although God hates sin and will punish it, the book of  Esther shows us God's sovereignty is not changed in the midst of it. God can redeem and use our sinful past to make our testimony show His glory and, in that, show the world He can use you no matter what you have done. 

Esther teaches us although we may have to dig a little deeper in certian seasons of our life to see the guiding hand of God, He is at work in all situations. If we seek the heart of God diligently, we will see Him moving in every aspect of our lives just as we see Him orchastrating every situation in Esther's life. Despite the sin surrounding the story that is unfolding in Esther's life, we can see God has a plan. Many times, it seems as if God has forgotten us or is not close to us, but we see in scripture that He is faithful and His love never fails. God is writing out a story in our lives just like He was in the life of Esther. 


Esther 2:1-11, 16-20

Kenny Nix, Pastor