Sunday July 30, 2017 -Esther


We all have a calling on our life. If you say "no" to God and what He is leading you to in your life, He will call someone else. Fear often keeps people from living the life God has in store for them. 

We see in our fourth message in the "Esther" series, what we fear can either burn us or set us on fire. Even in the face of fear or uncertainty, if we will give God our "yes" and trust in Him, He will continue to reveal more of His calling to us. Because we can not live out the will of God on our own, His strength in us becomes a beautiful picture of God's faithfulness for the world to see, just as it did in Esther's life. Her obedience and willingness to follow through with Mordecai's leadership in her life, even in the face of death,  saved a nation. Esther's willingness to obey ultimately led to the redemption of the whole world through the life, death and ressurection of Jesus. 

Our calling and obedience to it is not only for us, it is for everyone else as well.


Esther 4:1-17

Kenny Nix, Pastor