Sunday July 9, 2017 -Esther


In the first message of our new series "Esther", we see immediately how important understanding the whole of scripture is in our pursuit of Christ. The bigger picture always reflects the need for Jesus in our daily lives and how strong the pull of our own desire becomes without Him. Apart from God, our pride completely rules our life and ultimately destroys the relationship Jesus desires to form with each of us. 

Living an intentional life of seeking the heart of God and saying "no" to the desires we all have inside carry consequences that in the eyes of the world would not make sense. Just as the Queen knew the weight of her decision to say "no" to the King's request, we must also be prepared for what will come our way when we take a stand for Jesus. 

The bigger picture shows that a life after the heart of Christ is a life of freedom, in spite of what our circumstances tell us in the moment.


Esther 1:1-12, 19-20

Kenny Nix, Pastor