Wednesday, August 9, 2017 -Jesus


In our continued series "Jesus", we see He is enough.

As Christ continued to reveal the truth of who He was to the disciples, the truth, in turn, revealed who they were in their hearts. Having pride, prejudice and judgement for the Canaanite woman who was asking for mercy, they wanted to send her away. Jesus allowed this situation to both minister to her and to teach the disciples about grace and love. This woman worshipped even after she had been rejected because she recognized Jesus is Lord and that is all that mattered. The Canaanite woman's faith was so great that her daughter was healed. She knew what is true even today, Jesus is enough.

The more closely we follow Jesus, the more we see the great need for Him to cleanse our rebel hearts and make them more like His. This grace and love is extended to all of us, regardless of any label we have attached to us. 


Matthew 15:21-28

Kenny Nix, Pastor