Wednesday, July 12, 2017 -Jesus


The question is simple. 

"Do you love others?"

Jesus was very clear in what He expects for His followers. The world will know who His disciples are by the love they have for people. We see in our continued series, "Jesus", that even if we are going through the motions of loving others, Christ knows our heart. Jesus loved us all to the point of death and He has commanded you and I to emulate that same love to the world. Oftentimes, we build walls to protect ourselves from those who have wronged us in some way, but the love of Christ pushes through barriers and loves in spite of wrong. 

We can be comforted by the fact that this relentless love is poured out on us and, because of that love we see the great challenge before us to love everyone else in the same way. We see in verse 41 that loving like Jesus is literally going the extra mile. 

Matthew 5:38-42

Kenny Nix, Pastor