Wednesday, July 26, 2017 -Jesus


Continuing in our series "Jesus", we see the importance of intimate and honest alone time with our Heavenly Father. Jesus taught the importance of being genuine in our time with God and not for the attention of people. 

Being alone and honest with God makes us feel exposed. We can take heart when we are feeling vulnerable and open about our sins and struggles. The comfort is He already knows, loves us and has offered forgivness through the redemption of Jesus' sacrifice. When we pray to a loving Father, we can know His great love is bigger than anything we can lay at His feet. His plans are perfect and nothing can separate us from His love. We can rest in the peace only He can offer through a life surrendered to Jesus. 

Only when we fully lay aside our weights and lean into the truth of who Jesus is will we be able to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice for Him through prayer, fasting, forgiving our enemies and loving the world. 


Matthew 6:1-18

Keith Wilson, Youth Pastor